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The Finance Committee invites you to a free informational meeting regarding estate planning, charitable giving and how to help you create your own "Cabrini Legacy."  Learn how to plan for the future, and how to make sure your intentions are carried out.  Catholic United Financial Foundation's Executive Director, Bob Heuermann, will be here after Mass on Sunday, October 26, for a short presentation and a Question/Answer session.  Please plan on stopping by to learn how you can make your own plans for your and your family's future.  Any questions, please contact Peter Eichten in the office, Ann Bateman, or Harald Borrmann.


10/28 at 7 pm, will include a discussion of the Feast of All Saints/All Souls.  We look ahead to our tradition at Cabrini of November as a month of remembrance.  The Gospel reading will be The Beatitudes from Matthew's Sermon on the Mount.  These statements can be viewed as a list of "saintly" characteristics.  What characteristic(s) of your loved ones do you associate with one of the beatitudes?  We invite you to join us in our discussion. FFI Chris Kosowski ( or 612-339-3023 ext 115)


The Ancients believed that this was a time when the veil between this world and the next was the thinnest.  For them, this was a sacred time to celebrate the ancestors and those special people who have passed on.  We are all part of the Communion of Saints.  Please join us on Wednesday evening, October 29 at 6:30-8 pm in Garvey Hall for our Cabrini All Saints/All Souls Intergenerational Community Evening.  The evening begins with a potluck dinner followed by prayer, presentation, and hands-on activities that will help us to remember those special Saints in our church and celebrate and remember those special saints in our lives.  Please bring mementos of loved ones who have passed.


will be held on Friday, October 31.  Help with prep is needed from 2-4 pm and for serving from 4-5:30 pm.  Families with children 7 years of age and older are welcome to participate in this experience of helping and learning.  To volunteer, contact John DeHarpporte.  


Father Tony Flannery is a founding member of the Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland. He has recently written a very powerful book, "A Question of Conscience," recounting his mistreatment by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith when it was led by Josef Ratzinger. He is on a speaking tour in the US and will be at Cabrini, Wednesday, November 5 at 7 pm.


is just around the corner — Saturday, November 15 after the 5pm liturgy from 6:15-8:30 pm — and featuring a home-cooked Italian dinner followed by entertainment organized by the Cabrini Players. Dinner is $5 per person or $15 per family. Mark your calendar and plan to join the fun.  - The Community Life Committee


The Education Committee selected the book in 2013 (101 Questions and Answers on Vatican II by Maureen Sullivan) and the article in 2014 (A Big Heart Open to God, The exclusive interview with Pope Francis, America Magazine, September 30, 2013).  This year the Cabrini Community is asked to nominate a book, play, pamphlet, article, journal, or other written document for our 2015 One Read.  Nomination deadline is Sunday, November 16.  The Education Committee will select five of the nominations for an all-Cabrini vote November 22-30. Please use the form found at each entrance or online and submit at Cabrini or by email to  To nominate online, click here and when the document opens, enable editing, fill out the document, save it to your computer, and send it to the office by attaching the file to an email. Any questions or comments, please contact Dave Schultz.  For questions about submitting online, contact Mary Lou in the office (612-339-3023 or


The weekend of November 22-23 Cabrini's artists will be displaying their original work for sale. Save the date as you plan you holiday shopping! Cabrini member artists may reserve a table with Rosemary Ruffenach.


In the recent affidavit by Jennifer Haselberger, it came to light that there was a conversation among Archdiocesan staff to silence Father Mike by having him declared ‘disabled.’ In response to this newly-learned, maligning information, the Parish Council elected to write a letter to the Archbishop in support of Father Mike. The text of the letter follows. We will keep you apprised of any response we get from the Archbishop.
- The Parish Council
September 17, 2014
Dear Archbishop Nienstedt:
We are writing to affirm our complete support of Father Michael Tegeder, our pastor, and ask for a public apology for recent comments impugning his character.
Since his assignment to St. Frances Cabrini three years ago, we have been graced daily by his presence among us. In that time, we have come to know him as a man who is extraordinarily well-read and well-versed in matters of social justice and have seen his passion for justice by his bold actions on issues important to us. We have also seen in him a strong love for and commitment to the environment, recalling the principles of Catholic teachings on care for the earth. He is a spiritual man who puts his spirituality into action. His ministry is truly a gift to us and to the archdiocese.
We have observed how effectively Father Mike has interacted with the people at Gichitwaa Kateri. He has completely immersed himself in that community and has helped us increase our interactions with them. His ministry to the people of Kateri seems most like how Jesus would live among a marginalized people.
It is against this backdrop that we, as loyal Catholics, write to you with our deep and heart-felt concerns. In the deposition given by Jennifer Haselberger, she stated that a senior member of your office “wanted you to declare Father Michael Tegeder disabled as a means of silencing his opposition to your efforts to promote a constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage”.  If enacted Father Tegeder would have been declared disabled and unable to minister to St. Frances Cabrini or Gichitwaa Kateri. What previously was a behind-the-scenes private discussion, is now in the public light.
As the spiritual leader of the archdiocese, we ask that you put your Christian leadership into action. In the spirit of reconciliation and healing, we ask that a public apology be given to this parish, Gichitwaa Kateri, and to Father Tegeder and that the apology come directly from you as the Ordinary of this archdiocese and chief administrator of the archdiocesan chancery.  
The St. Frances Cabrini Parish Council


Archbishop Nienstedt has responded, in one letter, to both the letter sent by the Parish Council dated September 17, and to an email sent to him by Father Mike. Here is his response. - The Parish Council