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Baptism is celebrated 4 times a year on designated weekends though scheduling exceptions can be made in the event of extenuating circumstances.
  • December/January - Varies. Celebrated on one of the three weekends after Christmas
  • March/April - Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday
  • June/July - Varies. Usually celebrated on the last weekend of June
  • September/October - Varies. Usually celebrated on the last weekend in September
Contact the Office (612-339-3023 x110) to register.


 A Communal Reconciliation Service is celebrated during Advent and Lent.  Appointments for individual confession can be made with the Pastor.

Reconciliation Preparation for 5-8th graders is offered every other year.  Next class will be offered 2015-2016.  Contact Joe White (612-339-3023 x114) to register.


First Communion will be celebrated on Saturday, April 25, 2015, at the 5:00 P.M. Mass.

First Communion preparation is based on the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, and includes meditations for the children, as well as parent education.  Children receiving First Communion are expected to participate in Atrium classes for the entire school year in which they receive First Communion.  It is preferred that children participate in the Atrium for 2 or 3 years prior to making their First Communion.

Children usually make their First Communion during second grade.  However, parents may feel that their child is ready either earlier or later than this point.  Carol Dittberner will review this with parents and help determine the best time for the child.

A five month preparation for First Communion begins in January each year.
Contact Carol Dittberner (612-339-3023 x112) to register.


Confirmation is celebrated every other year in April or May. The next Confirmation class will be held in the 2014—2015 year. Students usually are confirmed in their freshman or sophomore year in high school.
  • Young people start their preparation in the fall by choosing a sponsor.  There are several organization meetings for this program in December or January.  
  • There is a confirmation guide prepared by members of Cabrini that the student and sponsor are expected to follow. The student and sponsor are expected to meet for at least 6 times over a 3 month period to discuss topics in this guide.
  • A one or two day retreat for all confirmation candidates will be held prior to confirmation.
Contact Joe White (612-339-3023 x114) to register.  See Confirmation page for further details.


Marriage is celebrated by arrangement with the Pastor.  Catholic couples from another parish may be married at Cabrini.  A priest or deacon from another parish may preside with the approval of St. Frances Cabrini's pastor.

There are a number of things that the couple must do to prepare for the wedding.
  • Schedule the date in consultation with both the Pastor and the Office
  • Complete a marriage preparation course such as Engaged Couples or Engaged Encounter or other marriage preparation program
  • Complete a pre-marriage inventory and evaluation with a couple trained to administer this material
  • Obtain a marriage license
  • Meet with the Pastor to complete the required forms for the archdiocese
  • Meet with the Liturgist, Chris Kosowksi, and the Wedding Facilitator to prepare the liturgy 
See this document for complete details.
Contact the Office (612-339-3023 x110) for further information.


Anointing of the sick is available on request at mass, at home, or in a health care facility. Please contact Chris Kosowski, the Pastoral Care Committee or email

Anointing of the Sick is also celebrated communally during mass. Watch the Bulletin for specific dates.


Funeral services are available for parishioners or those closely connected to parishioners.  Please contact the Pastor or Liturgist to arrange a date and time for the service as well as to start planning and preparation for the funeral. Assistance is available to help with selecting music, readings, prayers, and also designing and printing any worship aids.  Parish musicians and other volunteers are available to assist with the liturgy.

Garvey Hall can be booked for the reception if desired.

Contact Chris Kosowski (612-339-3023 x115) or Fr Mike Tegeder (612-339-3023 x111) for further information.

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