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One of the easiest ways to connect with other members. Each Sunday after the 9 am Mass food and beverages are provided downstairs in Garvey Hall.  Coffee and tea are provided (juice and milk for the kids) along with donuts or breads or cookies and sometimes fruit.

Annual Picnic and Outdoor Mass

On the Sunday after Labor Day we gather for and end of summer celebration.  Mass is celebrated in our beautiful yard, followed by a picnic.  There is a special collection of food and produce from garden and markets which is added to our regular weekly donations to local foodshelves. 
Some chefs in the parish grill hot dogs and brats.  The rest of the meal is pot luck with great food provided by everyone in the parish. Kids are quick to get in line and often head for the desserts first.  The food always seems to last, although the selection at the end is not as varied as that at the beginning.

So bring a dish to share, a jacket if it's cool, a blanket or folding chair for seating during Mass and the picnic (there will also be chairs from the church brought outside) and enjoy a great end of the summer celebration!!

Candlelight Dinners

Three weekends in the winter are set aside for these gatherings. These dinners offer the opportunity for members to share a meal in their homes.  Various members volunteer to serve as hosts. They specify how many guests they can host at their home.  Some gatherings have 4 or 5 people while some have as many as 12-14.  Hosts decide together with guests what the menu will be and all contribute.

Game Night

These happen once a quarter and offer families the chance to play games with kids and adults.  From Twister to Old Maid, the evening gives you the opportunity to try new games as well as old.  Sometimes they start with food like pizza and sometimes there are snacks during the evening.

Book Club

Members cooperatively choose monthly selections, including both fiction and non-fiction works. New members are always welcome.

Cabrini Night Dinner

This event has served at times as a fund raiser for activities in the parish and more often as an evening to share good food.  There are several recipes for sauce get rave reviews, but are not always shared.

And then there's more...

There have been talent shows, auctions, sing-a-longs and variety shows.  If a parish member has the idea and energy to make an event happen, almost anything is possible.

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Book Club

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