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Women's Retreat 2014

Womens' Retreat 2015

will be held at Dunrovin Retreat Center in May 1-3, 2015.
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A Non-Poem

by Pat Schaefer
(May 3, 2014 ~ Dunrovin)
It is all right
if I don’t produce
a poem
at this Cabrini Women’s Retreat.

It is 2014, it is Dunrovin,
feeling like the first day of spring,
(a month late in coming),
sightings of green grass
and first yellow May flowers.

So much planning,
so much good energy,
so many voices, so many wise quotes,
so much food...
 for thought and prayer.
They’ll never miss a poem.

They had a fire,
many candles,
lovely drumming, lovely songs,
a sundown, a crescent moon up.

I guess I’m vulnerable
to criticism: Where is your poem?
But I’m not ashamed,
not even guilty.
My sisters understand.
It just didn’t
come up.
In the beginning 
was my word:
No expectations, only openness, listening.

So I’ve learned
with J. Philip Newell
of Celtic spirituality,
on the little piece of ochre paper,
that the nuns in fourth grade
couldn’t stop
my voice,

from truth telling
now in a poem
that’s not a poem,
and God speaks
through me and
cannot tell a lie.

So while I’m on the subject,
we all need to use 
our voice
sending truth to power
on the silent subject of sex,
for no one knows it,
like we know it.

We who are the church
need to open up
and listen.

October 2014